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Answers to common questions you may have

Where is Ebike Moustiers located?

We are located at the exit of the village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie in the direction of Castellane, the lake of Sainte-Croix and the Verdon gorges, next to the Achard garage and the petrol station. You can find us by simply typing “Ebike Moustiers” into Waze or Google Maps. 

Is it possible to come by public transport?

No car? No problem? Take public transport to reach us and use my electric bikes to get around the region. My electric bike stand is located right next to bus line “Zou!” 450 (stop: “Déviation Village RD 952”). So you can easily get here from Marseille St Charles station, for example, should you be coming by train.

More information on the Moustiers-Ste Marie town website: How to get to Moustiers?

(we strongly advise you to contact the transporter or the Region before you leave to make sure you have the right timetable).

Do you deliver and pick up the ebikes?

Yes, but it depends on where you are and how long you have booked.

If you are within 5km of us, we can deliver your electric bikes for any booking that includes at least:

  • Two electric bikes for one day
    One electric bike for two days
  • If you are not eligible, you can have your bikes delivered for an extra charge of 10€. Please note that we do not deliver half day bookings.

If you are within 10km of us, we can deliver for any booking that includes at least:

  • Two electric bikes for two days
  • One electric bike for four days

If you are not eligible, you can have your bike delivered for an extra charge of €20. Please note that we do not deliver to bookings of less than two days.

If you are within 20km of us, we can deliver to any booking that includes at least:

  • Two electric bikes for three days
  • One electric bike for five days

It is possible to have a booking delivered for two electric bikes for two days or one electric bike for three or four days for an extra charge of 20€.

How far is it to the main points of interest?

15 minutes from the Valensole plateau and its lavender fields, 15 minutes from the Sainte-Croix lake and its turquoise waters, 20 minutes from the Gorges du Verdon, Ebike Moustiers is ideally placed to start an electric bike ride whatever your destination.

Learn more on the Routes page.

Is it possible to extend my booking?

If the ebike you have rented had no previous booking, it is very easy to extend your rental. Contact us by phone, sms or email and we will modify your rental contract to the desired duration.

Is there a discount for groups or long bookings?

Yes and yes! Our ebike rental rates are on a sliding scale, the longer you book, the lower the price per day and we offer a 12% discount for every booking of more than 5 people.

Am I required to wear a helmet?

In France, helmets are only mandatory for people aged 12 and under, but we strongly recommend them and they are provided free of charge with every ebike rental.

How should i deal with the ebike at night?

You are in charge of the electric bicycle during the entire rental period, including overnight. It is essential to store the bikes in a closed room. Most accommodations offer this type of storage. Keeping the bike in a safe place is the best way to prevent theft or damage.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Many types of payment are accepted to simplify your life: cash, credit card, cheques and holiday vouchers (ANCV and Connect ANCV).

Can you give us some advice on itineraries?

Much more than that! Before each electric bike rental, I find out what you’re looking for, what kind of places you’d like to visit in the region – the lavender fields or the Verdon Gorge, the Lac de Sainte-Croix or others – and I’ll choose the one that suits you best from among the hundred or so routes I’ve personally programmed.

Do you offer multi-day tours?


In addition to personalized half-day and full-day tours, I can offer you multi-day electric bike tours in the heart of the Verdon Nature Park at very reasonable prices.

Contact me for more information, and I’ll help you find the itinerary that’s right for you.

I have young children, what should I do?

We have many accessories dedicated to babies and young children: a baby seat, a trailer for children and pets that will fit on your ebike. You can even take your child in front of you thanks to the Shotgun® seat and handlebar specially designed for young children. These accessories are provided free of charge for rentals of a day or less. You will be charged for rentals of more than one day. Contact me for more information. However their quantity is limited, please contact me to ensure that they are available.

What happens in case of a puncture?

This happens very rarely on this type of bike, but we provide you with an easy-to-use anti-puncture kit when you rent. If you prefer, we can, come and help you on site (subject to availability, please note that you may be charged for this service). Please contact us for more information.

What is the range of your bikes?

Equipped with the Bosh “active line plus 250wh” motor and its “powerback 625wh battery”, you can ride with peace of mind. The distance you will cover is very difficult to determine, it depends on many parameters that result in a very wide range of range. The wind, the slope, the type of road surface, your weight, your bags, etc.

Bosch offers an extremely detailed range simulator on its website which will give you a more precise idea of the number of distance you can achieve. Don’t hesitate to vary the different settings, including in the “cyclist”, “ebike” and “environment” tabs.

Try the Bosch range assistant.

Is it possible to cancel due to weather conditions?

This is a very common question, nowadays it is so easy to book with a click that we forget the basic rule that booking implies obligations, think before you commit.

Logically, weather conditions (too hot, too cold, wind, rain etc.) cannot be a reason for cancellation. However, no one wants to do a whole day of cycling in the rain, me first, so in this case of extreme conditions we will not ask for a cancellation fee.

Nowadays we have many ways of knowing the weather forecast for 8 days ahead and if in doubt, don’t book.

What is the required height to rent your ebikes?

You can choose between several different models of electric bikes for your rental, from children’s bikes that are suitable from 1.30m (4,2 ft) and adult bikes up to 2 metres (6,6 ft).

How do I quench my thirst?

In addition to the terraces of the region’s cafés, which will be delighted to welcome you, you should know that the region’s fountains provide you with fresh drinking water. A simple water bottle is all you need!

Do you provide the smartphone mount?

Absolutely! In order to make your ride easier, I suggest you follow a route on your phone and to make sure you can follow the route safely, the smartphone holder attached to the handlebars is provided. Navigation can consume a lot of battery power, so don’t forget to charge your phone before coming.

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Ebike Moustiers

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Having lived in the region for more than 20 years, and having always been a cycling enthusiast, I would like to share with you the routes in the region that I have prepared myself.

It is with the same requirement that I choose robust, comfortable and performing ebikes.

I look forward to seeing you again this summer!